State Tournament: Saturday, April 11, 2015


4/28/2014: See below for a note from the State Director about the Helicopters event.

4/28/2014: Congratulations to all of our State Tournament Participants! See below for final results and link to the Score Report.

4/25/2014: Coach and event supervisor evaluation survey's are available under the Event Supervisors and Resources tabs.

4/25/2014: An update has been made to the Division B and C schedules.

4/23/2014: Certificates are available under the resources tab.

4/21/2014: Please see the resources tab for a letter to Science Olympiad teams regarding the Mumps outbreak.

4/17/2014: Parking and building map is now available under the Maps & Parking tab.

4/14/2014: Volunteer schedule has been posted. See the Volunteers tab for more information.

4/10/2014: The Division B schedule has been updated.

4/9/2014: See Maps & Parking tab for updated information.

4/9/2014: For the sixth year, Science Olympiad’s partner, Discovery Education, would like to invite your Division B teams to submit science-related videos in the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge (YSC)! More Information under the Resources Tab.

4/1/2014: There is a new clarification for Mission Possible.

4/1/2014: Rules have been added for Geek Speak.

4/1/2014: The following forms have been added to the Resources tab: Appeal Form, Code of Ethics and Final Roster.

3/31/14: The Division C State Tournament Schedule has been updated for Geek Speak.

3/21/14: State Tournament Homeroom assignments can be found under the resources tab.

3/21/14: Medina City Schools will be hosting a Division A tournament on May 3, 2014. For more information please visit

3/21/14: New this year! Three Fun Activities have been added to the Science Olympiad Day. These activities are open to the public with a selected number of spots available for Science Olympiad teams through the Self-Schedule Online. See the events tab for more information.

3/21/14: Additional Science Olympiad Trial Event rules have been added under the events tab.

3/21/14: State Tournament self-schedule sign-up will be available on Saturday, March 22 at 8:00 AM - Monday, April 14 at 5:00 PM Sign-in information has been emailed to team coaches.

3/21/14: The Final Science Olympiad State Event Schedule has been uploaded for both Division B and Division C Events.

3/14/14: Trial Event Participation: Two teams per school can participate in trial events, however the event supervisor determines how many teams beyond two can participate depending on available times, etc. They make every effort to accommodate everyone if possible.

3/12/14: Please see Workshop tab for OSC k-12 STEM summer programs.

2/25/14: Science Olympiad Trial Event rules have been added under the events tab.

2/19/14: Check the event clarifications tab for updates.

2/3/14: The Science Olympiad Rules Apps are now available in the Google Play and iTunes stores for smart phones and tablets.

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1/14/14: GET EXCITED!!! Kicking off the 30th Anniversary of Science Olympiad, the UCF Knights are about to go on the road! About 90 schools across the nation have been selected. Pictures will be posted to Facebook (search 2014 Science Olympiad National Tournament) and Twitter (#UCF, #ScienceOlympiad2014) @SONTUCF2014. Track progress of the Knights on

2014 State Tournament Results

CONGRATULATIONS to ALL of our State Tournament Participants!
A special congratulations to the Overall State Tournament Winners below:

1st- Solon Middle School
2nd- Magsig Middle School
3rd- Chardon Middle School

1st- Solon High School
2nd- Centerville High School
3rd- Mentor High School

*View the 2014 Score Report and Final Results

In order to reflect the principles and spirit of the Science Olympiad program, the Helicopters event was made a trial event at the Ohio Science Olympiad State Tournament. After consultation with the arbitrators and the event supervisors, it was decided that the integrity of the helicopter event was compromised. As a State office it is our responsibility to ensure the overall integrity and fairness of the program. Our decisions are NEVER based on any one school or individual team. The decision to make Helicopters a Trial event was based on several inconsistencies, coupled with other issues related to the event space. It is the State office position that the spirit of the competition was impacted. Students ranking in the top 6 places were still awarded medals but their scores were not counted toward the final team results. Additionally, it should be noted that had the scores been counted the final top 6 team results would have remained the same (although this did not factor into the decision).

Angela D. Davis, State Director

What is the Science Olympiad?

(Video courtesy of the Wisconsin-Madison College of Engineering